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Brand of those who climb to the top...

Climber B.C. is a brand of CUNO Group. The brand has stepped on its way in 1995 with the vision of beco-ming a world brand. With its modern, progressive, and design ideas Climber B.C. keeps tel lowing the way with its team of experienced professio. nals from the first day of the brand's foundation till today. The special activity of Climber B.C. is aspired for meeting the requirements of the clients from various segments thanks to the wide range of products based on the main lines.

Interpreting aesthetics in the post modern form by the unique design and quality, Climber B.C. presents every new season the wide collection for various tendencies of the fashion and various ways of life. The product by Climber B.C. acquires its final appearance after the inerrable processing with the quality control at every step.

Once you have a Climber B.C. product. You will notice how carefully it was made on every step of the manufacturing, from design to choice of the fabrics, Born pattern end sewing bathe choice of the accessories.

The products by Climber B.C. are manufactured in the comfort, well organized and safe conditions at the modem automated equipment Climber B.C. is sold in over 90 countries including Eurasia with a strong presence.

Climber B.C. in the culture of the excellence represents a unique organization structure and a conception of transparent corporative management based on democracy. Considering profit for all the partners, our style of management develops together with the conscious of the corporative allegiance. We aspire to be better and always develop our products, services, and methods, considering wishes of our clients. As a result of excellence culture in 2007 Climber B.C. was awarded by the European Foundation for committed Quality Management (EFOM) with the Certificate °Commitment to Excellence", and in 2010 with the Certificate "Recognized for Excellence°.

Climber B.C. continues developing itself in the direction to its vision and aspires to the excellence.

Collection Info

Climber B.C. develops its design style in parallel to the constantly developing world of fashion, always adding its own ideas. Climber B.C. designs two full ranges every year, in line with the “Fall-Winter” and “Spring-Summer” seasons. We are constantly updating our ranges and adapting our brand to the versatile changes that constantly take place in world fashion. Whilst developing its seasonal concepts and tailoring its new designs, Climber B.C. brings grace, life, power and aesthetic together, in its goal to be a brand that ‘pushes the boundaries to the limits’, calling to its aid, dynamism, urban fashion and a knowledge of the street. Climber B.C.’s perspective on design works in tandem with developments on the world stage, updating constantly. The most possible efforts are exerted to ensure that that every season has been through the most rigorous production process, and that compared to the season before it, every season is more innovative, braver and richer than the last. Climber B.C.’s customers have see our clothes focus on comfort, flare, ease, atmosphere and style. The quality is reflected in our attention to detail of every garment that we put forward. Our design team believes in a solid sense of duty to the customer. Climber B.C’s brand, performance, dedication and firmness ensure the loyalty of our customers and we carry the same commitment into the production of every collection. Climber B.C.’s catalogue shoots are just as well thought over, and we aim every time to ensure some of the world’s best models and professional photographers are behind the scenes working with us in the promotion of our material. Climber B.C. owes its success in reaching ever-higher in the fashion world to its customers, who share its passion for pushing back the boundaries in life and for personalized fashion.

Brand Name: Black Climber B.C.
Brand Segments: Premium
Products Groups: Total look
Price Range: min 35$ - max 345$
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